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  1. Plural of light
  2. A butcher's term for the lungs of an animal (being lighter than adjacent parts).


  1. Third-person singular simple present of to light.


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Light may refer to:
  • Light, electromagnetic radiation, part of which stimulates the sense of vision
  • Light, a device that produces light, such as:
  • Light, the function of a lighter, to set something on fire
In food or beverages:
  • 'Light' or 'lite', low alcohol beer
  • 'Light', a category of 19th century Scottish beer which would be a mid-range beer today
  • Light or diet food, containing lower levels of sugar, fat or salt
  • The lungs of a food animal.
In entertainment:
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arc, arc light, assumption, attitude, bellows, climate of opinion, color filter, common belief, community sentiment, conceit, concept, conception, conclusion, consensus gentium, consideration, ctenidia, dimmer, estimate, estimation, ethos, eye, feeling, floats, flood, floodlight, footlights, foots, gelatin, general belief, gills, idea, impression, judgment, klieg light, light plot, limelight, lungs, marquee, medium, mind, mystique, notion, observation, opinion, personal judgment, point of view, popular belief, position, posture, presumption, prevailing belief, public belief, public opinion, reaction, sentiment, sight, spot, spotlight, stance, theory, thinking, thought, view, way of thinking
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